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Welcome to the ORCA Offshore Innovations website

Since 1982 ORCA Offshore in Switzerland have been one of the leading specialists in forming tax efficient and highly confidential offshore trading structures. In addition to forming companies and arranging discreet banking and financial facilities we also specialise in arranging secure communications facilities such as phone numbers, encrypted communications and both virtual business and residency addresses in over 50 countries. It’s important to keep in mind that in spite of the constant attacks by some governments on tax havens and offshore centres, privacy and offshore banking in general there are still plenty of routes to minimize taxes and enhance both business and personal confidentiality, this is especially the case if you do not reside in your country of origin which greatly expands your options.  

It is in the specific areas of offshore residency, tax minimization, expatriation, secure communications, e-commerce and running a business remotely with minimum overheads that ORCA has a significant edge over our competitors.

If you are looking to either form a tax efficient structure or relocate offshore either full or part time we can offer a wider range of expertise than most other companies in this area. One vital point which many people tend to overlook - often with disastrous consequences - when arranging offshore facilities is that if you deal with a service provider in your own country there is a significant risk that the details you provide such as passport copies, credit cards details or PayPal information could easily fall into the hands of the local tax departments during an unrelated inquiry into a third party and any unusual enquiries from the local tax collectors will cause a lot of stress and worry because you will be unsure whether they know something about your affairs you have chosen not to reveal. This is why in many countries such as the UK as an example when you go to form an offshore company or UK company they will ask for vast amounts of information about you which of course they could then pass on to any government department if obliged or even just asked to do so. Experience unfortunately tells us that in most cases they just hand everything over without even requiring a court order, for more information which clearly spells out the potential dangers see these two links Regulation of Company Service Providers and UK Money Laundering Guidance of course no company service provider in the UK, U.S or elsewhere wants to deliberately assist money laundering, tax evasion and crime but where the problem arises is that in countries such as the U.S, Australia, Italy or the United Kingdom the government can get his hands on all of the information whenever it's inclined to do so even if no offence has been committed. It was because of all of this adverse legislation that we terminated our partnerships in both London and Jersey back in 2008 and realized that keeping clients records at our headquarters here in Zürich was common sense both for our clients and ourselves because privacy laws here remain very robust compared to many other countries, this is because here in Switzerland, the right to privacy is guaranteed by article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution.

One important factor is that when it comes to us helping you to set up your business offshore it's specifically because ORCA operates in a large number of countries that we know from personal experience which arrangements and facilities tend to work well, more importantly we know where to source the latest services, it's by evaluating these services and facilities ourselves on an ongoing basis we can make impartial judgments as to the benefits which they will provide. 

In the offshore world as elsewhere technology is moving very fast and every year new cutting edge communications, financial and corporate facilities emerge which are very useful both to expatriates and those running an offshore business structure from their home country, the hardest part is knowing which products and services will work and which don’t an example is we recently found a route to make unlimited calls to European landlines and cellphones from anywhere in the world for under $20 per month and unlimited US wide calls for $3 a month! With ORCA you can be sure that anything which we recommend will have been evaluated and tested by us personally. If it works for us it generally works equally well for our clients too. Most important of all we can ensure you operate within the rules whilst still minimizing tax liabilities and avoiding bureaucracy and time consuming form filling and paperwork.

If you are keen to increase your personal and corporate privacy, reduce taxes, cut overheads and streamline your business feel free to get in touch and we can see what can be achieved. In the first instance the best route is to use our secure contact form

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