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Welcome to the ORCA Offshore's website. Since 1982, we have specialized in tax efficient offshore company formations combined with discreet and secure offshore financial facilities. We are also one of the leading specialists in setting up state of the art communications networks world-wide. Whether you need a simple telephone or fax number in another country or a complex multi-layered corporate structure one thing is certain, our vast range of products and services will enable you to shield your assets, protect your privacy and best of all minimize your taxes.

ORCA Offshore Innovations has a significant advantage over our competitors because few of our staff - other than our founder who spends 5 months a year in his native Australia - lives in their country of origin; because we all live offshore ourselves we practice what we preach. We know from experience exactly which arrangements work, and more importantly where the latest facilities and services are available. Every year new cutting edge technologies emerge, some work well, others don't, what you will find is that anything we recommend will have been tested and evaluated by us personally and if it works well for us it will more than likely do the same for you.

Another area where we excel over other offshore service providers is that we never keep records in the same location in which our clients are based. An additional benefit is that we have no US or UK offices which greatly enhances the privacy peace of mind of American and British clients.

Whilst we offer a vast range of offshore products and services the following summary will give you an insight into what we do and the benefits our services will offer you:

Central to ORCA's philosophy is that the need to shield your life from business competitors, lawyers, ex partners, snooping officials and bureaucrats has become increasingly vital, and contrary to what many countries politicians and governments would have you believe, your quest for personal privacy does not indicate you have something to hide, or that you are a criminal. The right to privacy is enshrined in many countries constitutions as well as The European Convention of Human Rights. Clearly arranging your affairs to maximize your personal privacy, minimize your taxes and at the same time accomplish your offshore goals is something which needs careful planning but the end results will more than justify the effort.

Here at ORCA in addition to bringing you UNBEATABLE COMPANY FORMATION DEALS we also ensure items such as annual service fees are fully inclusive rather than listing a number of services such as franchise tax, agent fees, compliance and registered office individually which makes it hard in many cases to determine the bottom line.

You will find one of the biggest benefits of dealing with ORCA is our simplification, wherever possible, of every aspect of setting up your offshore facilities, we have done our best to avoid the maze of complications you will almost certainly have come across from most other companies. An example of this is in the forms we use for structuring which are at the links below. If you browse these links you will see just how hassle free setting up an offshore structure can be.

Structuring Form for an American LLC

Structuring Form for Belize, BVI, Seychelles or Panama IBC

Form for setting up a mailbox / maildrop service

Form for setting up a Virtual Office

We have also endeavored to remove much of the mystery of going offshore. In reality, an offshore company is nothing more than a regular limited liability company, which just happens to be outside you home country. The only difference lies in that it usually has some very beneficial tax advantages that are unavailable to local domestic companies, but more on that later, if we concentrate on the normal routine uses, you will see that organizations and individuals can use these structures legally - world-wide - to conduct day-to-day business and achieve massive reductions in both tax and operating costs.

Examples of the uses of an offshore company includes owning assets, controlling bank accounts, owning an onshore company in countries such as the UK and Canada, purchasing vehicles, holding title to real estate and conducting business in the same way as any domestic company.

So let’s now look briefly at how things should be done and the way they might be set up, more importantly we will examine where the best locations are. We need to keep in mind that many offshore jurisdictions that are known for zero tax, total privacy, rigid asset protection and impenetrable banking laws are also prime suspects for money laundering and other financial crimes. Your name on a bank account in places like Liberia or Lebanon potentially raises red flags for suspicious bureaucrats in the country where you live. If privacy is the goal - the only exception being numbered accounts - never use your own name. Instead, set up an offshore company which is under your control. Also keep in mind that an American LLC does not have to bank in the US, just as a Belize company does not have to bank in Belize. The offshore world has changed, these days we regularly set up a Belize based company with banking in Cyprus, a credit card merchant facility in Canada and phone lines in the Virgin Islands.

The way to look at things is to view countries as service providers, use what works, and reject what doesn’t. For example, the UK has a great range of low cost communications options but its banking system is incredibly intrusive and obsessed with money laundering, even worse its security services monitor e-mail like virtually nowhere else under misguided legislation called The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, often known as RIP. On the other hand China offers excellent facilities in many areas but its human rights record is appalling! Italy is a bureaucratic nightmare but excellent as a place to live if you operate from somewhere else. Hopefully you get the picture. The name of the game at the beginning of the 21st century is Mix and Match! Our job is to package everything together and assist you in getting it right.

For people who are not criminals and are just seeking greater financial privacy, the services and facilities which you need can still be found in many offshore locations. Although certain things have changed in the last five years, some for the better and some for the worse, it is fair to say that overall the offshore world is not in bad shape. Fortunately whatever your needs, we can help you set up the correct facilities, in the location that would fulfill your requirements.

ORCA Offshore Innovations is your ultimate source for company formations, asset protection, offshore communications, privacy related and legal tax reduction resources. We can provide you with the latest inside information, products and services. Best of all, after over thirty years providing offshore services whilst both living and working offshore ourselves, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. After all if an offshore company formations agent in your own country is offering you services the question is why are they not offshore themselves? In our opinion it is akin to a Priest being an atheist; it would be nonsensical to recommend one thing and then do another! If you think some of our services could be beneficial for you feel free to contact us using our secure contact form and we can look at what could be achieved.

View From Doug Parker's Balcony in Bali

Finally, before we wrap up the introduction a brief word from the founder of ORCA. This passage comes from a seminar in 1981. As European manager for ORCA Offshore in Zurich I felt it should be included, because to me it embodies the whole spirit of what we should all be seeking to achieve Doug has written many articles regarding both living offshore and tax avoidance and is still going strong at 75 dividing his time between his native Australia and his home in Bali, the piece below is one of my favourites, is it still relevant? I think with the internet and Skype it is more relevant than it was in 1981 but that's for you to decide!


"Deciding to move offshore and leave your old life behind is really very simple, just throw in your job, pack a suit case and leave. Doing it successfully is another matter entirely, my goal is to show you the inside secrets of making it work. I will show the way to create the lifestyle you have probably dreamt of, but never really thought you could turn into reality. During this seminar I will keep things simple because unlike your accountant or lawyer, what I have to say isn’t intended to be incomprehensible, shrouded in mystery or difficult to implement because that would be completely at odds with everything I believe in.

Achieving freedom and prosperity should be fun and stressfree, the journey along the path to personal liberation and the casting off of the shackles that bind 95% of the worlds population to a grinding nine to five routine should be a learning curve enabling you to see things from a different perspective whilst helping you to realise your goals quickly, it is irrelevant whether you are 25 or 55, the aim is to achieve freedom and success whilst paying the absolute minimum in confiscatory taxes along the way. I am often asked what is freedom? How do you define it? How much freedom makes a person free? The answer is simple, being partly free is not possible, unlike other things in life, freedom is not divisible, you have it all or you are not free, it's that simple! This seminar will open your eyes to possibilities for increased earnings, and a life of freedom, fun and opportunity you probably never imagined was always just sitting there for the taking.”

Douglas L. Parker

Founder of ORCA (Originally Offshore Resources Centre Australia) during the seminar at the Holiday Inn, Long Beach California in 1981

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