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Austrian Company Formation

GmbH Registration in Austria

Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (abbreviated GmbH, GesmbH or Ges.m.b.H.)

The GmbH is by far the most common form of incorporated company in Austria and accounts for 90% of the companies which we form there. The GmbH is equivalent to a French Sàrl, Spanish or Italian SL or a Dutch BV. Its UK equivalent is a Private Limited Company who name ends with Ltd or Limited.

What is an Austrian GmbH?

A GmbH is a limited liability company in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein or the German speaking parts of Switzerland. Limited liability companies in Austria are mainly designed for small and medium sized businesses.

What is the minimum share capital for an Austrian GmbH?

The minimum share capital is €35,000 this capital is divided into shares and each share has a minimum value of €70. Please Note: €17,500 of the initial capital has to be deposited into an account prior to company registration in Austria.

How many shareholders are needed?

At least one shareholder is required for setting up the company but in situations where there are several shareholders, they can organize meetings at the registered office according to the articles of association or they can alternatively pass resolutions without a general meeting by means of written consent.

How long does the formation take?

On average the start to finish takes two weeks.

Is a supervisory board needed?

The law does not require a supervisory board of directors although this is an option that is open to you. Please note that a supervisory board is mandatory if there are more than 50 shareholders or in excess of 300 employees.

Are there any other requirements?

Company registration in Austria requires a registered office and address in Austria. Other than this requirement everything is very straightforward.

Documents and Information
To begin the formation we will require the following: Documents you are required to provide:

Austrian Company Formation Fees: €4995.00 / US$6400.00 / £3995.00

Annual Fees for Company Administration and Corporate Compliance which cover:

Annual Fees: €1850.00 / US$2400.00 / £1500.00

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