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We can offer a number of address options in the Bahamas. The Bahamas is a popular offshore location for a number of reasons. Firstly it is close to the US being less that 30 minutes flying time from Miami. Secondly it is a respectable location which has not been tainted by the scandals of other offshore centres in the Caribbean. We can also arrange local .bs domains if required.

Mailing Address Service Annual Cost: €330.00 / UK £295.00 /US$475.00

Additional Services per annum:

Voicemail Number (including unlimited free forwarding of voice messages and faxes by email: Annual Cost: €225.00 / UK £195.00 /US$325.00

Live Telephone or Fax Line with diversion anywhere worldwide: The cost below includes both the local phone company’s initial connection fees as well as rental charges for the year and a quantity of minutes each month. The number of inclusive minutes will vary depending on your location and in many cases (except in the USA and Canada) will be reduced if calls are routed to a cell phone. If you expect a high volume of calls it is also wise that we give the phone company an additional deposit to ensure that call costs are covered if the line usage exceeds the inclusive minutes: Annual Cost: €225.00 / UK £195.00 /US$325.00

UK / Ireland020 7175 0041
(International +44 20 7175 0041)
US / Canada1 954 866 5986
(INTERNATIONAL +1 954 866 5986)
Australia and New Zealand+61 2 9191 7472
(INTERNATIONAL +61 2 9191 7472)
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