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Belize is located on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America and is one our our top four recommendations for an offshore company formation. It has an area of approximately 23,000 sq. km, and is bordered by Mexico in the North and Guatemala to the West and the South. The administrative capital is Belmopan, but the major commercial centre is Belize City, which is located on the East coast close to the major international airport.

Many offshore finance centers do all they can to make it attractive to incorporate within their jurisdiction. Belize offers many significant advantages because it combines the best features of most other offshore centers together with a history of stability and respect for democratic processes.

The benefits of Belize are further enhanced by a legal system closely based on English common law. Local Belize Banks offer Euro, GBP and USD bank accounts although most clients opt to bank in another location such as Cyprus or another finance centre. Belize also offers high levels of confidentiality which some of our corporate customers consider paramount and this makes Belize a good choice where privacy is a vital ingredient to your business plan.

Regardless of whether the bank account is opened with a local bank or a bank located elsewhere all of the banks we use maintain correspondent relationships with other well known banks in important finance centers, this ensures ease of operation worldwide. Most of the banks are outside the sphere of influence of foreign tax authorities and regulators; they can therefore offer the highest degree of confidentiality and security to their clients.

The total population of Belize is around 335,000 of which some 80,000 live in Belize City. Belize became a British Crown Colony in 1862 and achieved complete self-rule in 1981. Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth, The United Nations and the Non-aligned Movement. Executive authority is exercised by the cabinet under the leadership of the Prime Minister, subject to approval by a 28 member senate with the majority appointed on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The official and spoken language is English and the currency is the Belize Dollar (BZ$)

Information on Belize International Business Companies

* Type of Company: International Business Company, Limited Life Company (LLC);
* Procedure to Incorporate: Registered Agents delivers the memorandum of Association and Articles of Association to the registry together with the appropriate fee;
* Restrictions on Trading Companies: Cannot trade within Belize or own real estate there.
* Cannot undertake the business of banking, insurance, assurance or reinsurance.
* Any name that has already been incorporated.;

Powers of a company: A company incorporated in Belize has the same powers as a natural person;
Restrictions On Names

Certain names require special authority or a license. The main names are Bank, Banco, Casa di Risparmio, building society, loans, savings, assurance, insurance, seguro, Versicherung, reinsurance, trust, stiftung, anstalt trustees, Chamber of Commerce, treuhand, university, universität, municipal, Sparkassa etc, these are a few examples, but any name or title in English or another language that suggests association with the finance and insurance industries is likely to be scrutinized carefully.

Acceptable indications of Limited Liability

Incorporated (Inc), Limited (Ltd), Corporation (Corp), Société Anonyme (SA), Sociedad Anónima (SA) and Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH).

Main Corporate Legislation

International Business Companies Act, 1990.
International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 1995.
Limited Life Companies Act, 1999.

Local Corporate requirements
Each Belize Company must: There are no requirements for:

Language: The official and spoken language is English but Spanish is widely spoken.

Currency: The Belize Dollar (BZ$).

Exchange Controls: All offshore activities are exempted from exchange controls.

Type of Law: Common Law. Closely based on English Company Law.

Principal Corporate Legislation: International Business Companies Act, 1990.

Local facilities and support services

While Belize has an increasingly sophisticated professional and financial community, the number of legal, accounting and financial institutions is still way behind more sophisticated jurisdictions, although in most areas confidentiality is more rigidly enforced which more than compensates. It must of course be considered that whilst a Belize company is an excellent trading vehicle it is possible to arrange banking and other facilities in numerous other locations throughout the world.

Incorporation Charges

Incorporation Fee: $1295.00
Annual Fees: $995.00 Due 1st January each year

We usually have shelf companies available for immediate purchase, all companies are provided with a complete kit which includes:

If you prefer us to form a company in your choice of name, it will take between 10 and 14 days for the company kit and the statutory documents to arrive. We recommend you select two or three alternative names in case the first choice is unavailable.

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