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Our offshore consultants are of the highest calibre and are experts in their field. Although ORCA is not normally a party to your consultation we have access to leading experts who deal with a wide range of issues ranging from complex offshore trading situations, dealing with litigation whilst avoiding the need to use lawyers, secure communications, adopting the PT lifestyle, immigration and residency issues as well as matters relating to banking and complex payment matters etc. Our consultants are 100% reliable, discreet and always provide the most in depth assessment along with workable solutions to the most complex problems. Their skills cover a wide range of areas but a few oexamples are listed below.

Many of our consultants can provide services and products via high level contacts which are not available on our site.

Should you decide a consultation would be helpful we recommend that you should prepare a full written statement of your background, and if relevant to the consultation approximate net worth, goals, objectives and ambitions, we will also require a statement to confirm that you are seeking the information for your own personal use and confirming that are neither a journalist, government employee, nor an agent for any undisclosed person. We also require confirmation that the information will not be published or placed in the public domain.

The vital ingredient in a consultation it that the consultant has all the relevant facts. You can of course use an alias and even a disposable email address but certain details such as an outline of the requirements, ages of the relevant people and locations as well as the countries which the advice applies to must for obvious reasons be accurate.

Upon receipt of the above outline of requirements and the consultants fee of €1200, £995 or $1,500 for a consultation lasting up to 6 hours (Ten thousand Euros covers their services for a period of two years consulting which consists of an unlimited but reasonable degree of consulting by phone, chat panel fax or email,) once payment is received we will arrange the consultation at a mutually convenient time.

Please be sure to indicate an email address. Once the payment is received your consultant will contact you directly directly by email or phone as preferred.

We are confident that your consultation will save you vastly more than its cost but if in doubt call us and we can discuss the basic requirements before you move forward. You can contact us initially to examine the options via our secure contact form


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