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A Typical German Press Card

Regardless of whether you write regular articles, build information websites or just occasionally prepare postings for forums or magazines we can still secure you an international Press card. The benefits are considerable. For example you can gain access to media events and trade shows, use the press lounge and also get free or greatly reduced tickets to concerts and shows. The list is virtually endless but regardless it will open lots of doors.

We have access to a variety of sources in 7 countries including the US, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Anyone can basically obtain a pass but typically we find most clients are journalists, photographers and freelance news gatherers working for the international, national, regional, local or online press.

The key is that you do not need to ask permission from anyone to be a journalist. However, it is sometimes useful to be able to identify yourself as a Journalist when needed. For example I only write a few articles for a handful of magazines when I get time but I would not be without the card. At the time or writing I have scheduled Cirque Du Soleil, Chesney Hawkes and Amy McDonald for this coming month. All were either free or 75% off. I will write a few bits and pieces and email it to the free ones to keep in their good books. You will be amazed how writing a few reviews gets your name known and that opens more doors!

We have endeavored to make the process as straightforward as possible. Just give us a call or send an email and we can either take the details over the phone or tey can be emailed with a passort type photo. Below is the information which we need.

    * First Name:    
    * Last Name:   
    * Street Address:   
    * Zip/Postal Code:   
    * City:   
    * Country:   
    * Date of Birth:    
    * Phone number:    
    * E mail:   

The cost is $165 / £110 / EUR130 per annum or $249 / £165 / EUR195 for two years. Many of the agencies reduce the price pro rata depending on the month you join, for example if you join in June a one year card would be $82.50 and valid until December 31st. Other agencies for example started issuing 2011 cards in November 2010. As regards payment we can accept USD, GBP, CHF or EURO. With most agencies delivery time is 7-15 business days.

The picture at the top of the page shows a typical modern card. Although cards vary somewhat from agency to agency they are normally quite similar so that they are recognisable to security staff etc.

Most of the cards which we arrange are made from PVC plastic just like your driver's license or credit card. Some, espcialy in South America and the middle east still come in the older format below. Regardless of the type of pass your ID photo is scanned and incorporated into the card or a laminated page in the document in exactly the same way as a drivers license, passport or ID card.

Older Pattern Passport Style Press Card

Most Press Cards are valid for up to a year (current year), after which they be renewed. We have access to some agencies which issue two year cards.

In most countries the press is not state controlled and Press cards are therefore issued by trade associations, trade unions or press agencies. Some countries such as Cuba, Zimbabwe and China are a lot more rigid and the press is state controlled but this is not a situation that is likely to trouble most people seeking to secure a legitimate press ID.

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