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Debit cards and ATM cards play a crucial role in your offshore structure. The reason for this is that they offer an effective solution to easily and quickly gain access to your funds.

The reason behind this is that anyone who happens to come across the card will have no way to determine who its real owner is. This is because in many cases the card does not carry the name of the cardholder or any other personal ID details. The result is that if it goes missing there are no potential nightmares regarding the disclosure of personal information. Of course this might not be a priority to some clients but much depends on circumstances and we can always determine the best solution for an individuals specific circumstances.
Access to cash is fast and easy at any ATM worldwide. With not far off a million cash machines in 135 countries this means wherever you are accessing funds is unlikely to be a problem.

There are a vast range of different funding options. If the card is linked to a bank account you can transfer funds from the account to the card or if it is a free standing card it can be funded by international SWIFT transfer. Some cards also enable you to give the payment details to clients who can then remit funds directly to the card. These are just a few of the ways the card can be used but there are many more.

We can arrange a variety of different ATM and Debit cards all designed to enhance financial security in both your personal and business affairs.

Although the specific ID requirements sometimes vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction we try to keep the paperwork to a minimum and have outlined below the requirements which usually apply.

Identification Requirements

Notarized or authenticated copy of a valid passport or ID card / Signature Specimen Card.
completed and signed card application.

Certificate of Registration - the original or notarized copy;
Statutes (i.e. Memorandum or operating agreement, Articles, by-laws) - the original or notarized copy;

An offshore ATM or debit card is a unique financial tool which can enable you to protect the confidentiality of your financial transactions:

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