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Hong Kong borders the South China Sea and China itself. On 1, July 1997, China resumed sovereignty ending more than 150 years of British colonial rule and Hong Kong became the Special Administration Region (SAR) within the People's Republic of China.

Hong Kong's corporate laws are pretty much identical to the corporate laws of the United Kingdom and most business activities are carried out behind the vehicles of limited companies, limited partnerships and sole proprietorships. Hong Kong is the world’s ninth largest economy and there are over 1000 international companies established in the jurisdiction attracted by the fusion of the English common law legal system, the low tax regime together with its historical trading links and unique access to the Peoples Republic of China, the world fastest growing economy and biggest potential market. The Government encourages a pro-business environment and both controls and disclosure requirements on businesses are minimal. Corporate tax on profits directly generated in HK is only 17.5%, Dividends are exempt from taxation and there are no withholding taxes. Incorporation averages 4 weeks

Under the Special Administrative Region agreement China agreed that Hong Kong can maintain an independent taxation system free of intervention until 2047 and a high degree of autonomy in all matters with the exception of foreign and defence affairs.

Offshore Company Registration Formalities

Corporate entities are governed by the provisions of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance 1984. The private company limited by shares is the usual company type used by the international investor. It is relatively simple to establish a company. There are no onerous restrictions on trading other than the inability to undertake banking or insurance activities or to solicit funds or sell shares to the public.

The Articles of Association of a private company must restrict the right to transfer shares, must limit the number of members to fifty (excluding employees) and must prohibit any invitation to the public to subscribe for any shares or debentures of the company.

Every Company must register annually under the Business Registration Ordinance, the fee for which is about US$300.

Nominee Directors & Shareholders Services

We can arrange nominees to appear as the registered shareholders and directors of clients' companies holding the companies' shares on trust for clients. Therefore no one, except the HK Inland Revenue Department (IRD), can find out that the companies are actually owned by yourself, and the IRD have a statutory duty not to disclose any information to any one, so everything is secure in that vital area!

Our clients' interest in the companies is protected by a document called "the Declaration of Trust", which is duly signed by the agent and stamped by the IRD.


Incorporation of Company & Government Fees together with arranging all Mandatory Appointments in addition to Registered Agent and Registered Office for 1 year     

All Inclusive Total US$1995.00 

Optional Services (Additional Extra) Apostille   US$195.00 

Annual Fees (billed annual from the first anniversary of formation) to cover: 

Total Cost: US$1250.00


Banking Options

Hang Seng Bank www.hangseng.com (member of HSBC Group and using the same internet banking system)

Standard Chartered Bank www.standardchartered.com/global/index.html

DBS Bank www.dbs.com

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