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Nevada LLC

A Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC) combines the tax flexibility of a partnership with the limited liability of a corporation. Our customers form LLCs more often than corporations, typically to protect their personal assets and avoid the "double taxation" of a corporation on shareholder dividends. 

Advantages of a Nevada LLC

  • Protection from personal liability for business debts
  • Perpetual existence, so the LLC continues even if an owner dies or leaves the business
  • Pass-through taxation allows owners to report profit and loss on their individual tax returns
  • Owners need not be U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • LLCs need not hold annual meetings or record meeting minutes (though we recommend it)

Get the Facts About Nevada Filing Requirements:

  • We can submit your LLC formation directly to the state without your signature.
  • The state does not require a business address located in Nevada.
  • The state typically completes filings within 3-5 business days.

Nevada like most states will let you incorporate regardless of where you reside. All you need is a registered agent in the state to ensure the company remains in good standing. A registered agent acts on the LLC’s behalf in the state where it is registered; the agent fulfils the primary duties of providing a registered office address, receiving service of legal papers, ensuring corporate compliance and dealing with the franchise tax which we will invoice each year.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is vital that you keep us informed of your current contact address, email address and telephone number. Should the registered agent receive important mail, annual documents or a registered delivery on your behalf we would need to be able to let you know, alternatively if you travel regularly or are away for long periods one of the nominees or managers (assuming you decide to use them) could act as a contact point on your behalf. 

The Tax Saving benefits of an American LLC  

For most clients the primary benefit of an LLC is the "pass-through" taxation. Keep in mind as outlined earlier that the LLC remains tax free on business transactions and benefits only when they are derived outside the United States and the members are non-resident foreigners.

In addition to the initial state filing fees, an LLC in Nevada  is required to file a List of Managers or Members. The cost is $125.00 and it must be filed by the last day of the first month which the articles of organization are filed. Annual franchise fees are not imposed by Nevada, but Nevada does require periodic filings of Lists of Members and Managers. Nevada also requires a LLC to obtain and keep a certified copy of the articles of organization. Few other administrative requirements exist. However, nominal fees are imposed for simple mandatory notices which need to be filed if the company's address or registered agent changes. A Nevada LLC should also maintain adequate records. 

Cost of Formation: $695 / €525 / £450

Annual Fee for registered agent and corporate compliance: $295

 To set up an LLC could not be easier to see the details required click the link Fill out our form!

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