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Deciding exactly which nominee services to utilise can be a difficult decision to some clients. This section provides some guidelines which explain the various options to enable you to determine what best fulfills your needs. There are a number of reasons that our clients use nominee service and these tend to vary from case to case but the most frequent ones are:

  • To protect the anonymity of the true owners.
  • To avoid the likelihood of the new business being targeted by enemies or competitors.
  • For structuring reasons. An example is forming a subsidiary where you need to conceal the true ownership and control.
  • Protecting intellectual property such as copyrights, patents and trademarks.
  • To achieve tax reduction.
  • Avoiding past financial problems from the past affecting the new business.
  • Setting up what appears to be a competitor company with the intention of increasing market share.
  • Securing an advantage in litigation.
  • Restructuring of business affairs following a personal or business relationship breakdown.

To define what a nominee director does is pretty straightforward. In essence the nominee is a company or individual who is renting their name to effectively stand in your shoes. The extent of this role and what it sets out to achieve is for you to decide. There are several categories of nominee or manager as set out below. Regardless of which route you choose all nominees and managers provide a crucial buffer and place considerable distance in the eyes of anyone looking at the structure between you and the person(s) perceived by outsiders as ultimately controlling the company. It might be you will decide one nominee or manager is adequte but in many cases clients opt for two or more nominees in different countries to make it vastly more difficult and costly for anyone to determine the truth about the company.

Nominee Category A: This is a Nominee who appears on the company documents, signs letters and contracts on behalf of the company and fulfills a hands on role with significant functions in the day to day operation of the company. This type of nominee also in many cases controls the bank account etc. Cost from: $500 / £375 / €425 per annum

For Nominee Category A Please contact us to discuss the exact requirements

Nominee Category B: A Nominee who appears on the company documents and simply signs a few letters and contracts on behalf of the company but has no control of the banking etc. Cost: $295.00 / £220.00 / €250.00 per annum.


Nominee Category C: A Nominee who appears on the company documents and provides the use of his or their phone number, email and address for occasional correspondence. Cost: $295.00 / £220.00 / €250.00 per annum.


We now move to the second category. These nominees are in reality managers or frontmen. They have no real power and DO NOT appear on the company documents. Nevertheless the role of managers or frontmen can be just as vital in dealing with a wide range of issues.

Manager Category A: This option provides a person or company who will pose as the owner of the business in the event this proves necessary. The individual or company will also make the occasional call to your staff if needed to add substance to the illusiion. This service can be invaluable because it enables the true owner to say "It is no good talking to me you need to call the owner because I only work here" at this point he would say for example "the owner is Mr Jones or ABC Company you will have to call 1-206-888-6356" of course the individual or company you decide to use could be from a wide range of locations but the most popular are listed below. Once a call is received the manager who is carefully picked for his skills in negotiation will manipulate the caller to atttempt to bring about whatever result is needed. Cost: $325 / £250 / €275 annum


Some Clients Require Several Nominees or Representatives in different locations and our various locations are below

Most Popular locations for Nominees and Managers

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bermuda
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Holland
  • New Zealand
  • Panama
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • USA
Manager Category B: This category of manager provides an address, email address and voicemail/phone number. The person or company is in essence a name to put on documents as a frontman and he or they will make the odd call but is not as skilled as a manager in category A. This option would however be perfectly adequate for 75% of clients. Cost: $295.00 / £220.00 / €250.00 per annum.


You often hear the term straw man or frontman used to describe a person of company who is acting as the nominee or manager. The key is to create the illusion that they really have control of the structure and it is in this vital area that ORCA excels!

Regardless of the route you choose the basic function of any nominee or frontman is to shield you from those who would seek to invade your privacy for whatever reason. A nominee or manager is a perfectly legal device which achieves this objective.
ORCA can provide a nominee company director and a nominee secretary if required for your company. In jurisdictions where the directors and shareholders do not appear on public record you would have the ability to opt for managers but in other locations such as Ireland, Canada the UK and many other countries it is a requirement of company law that the names and addresses of the company secretary, directors and shareholders are shown on public record. This means that if you are a company secretary, director or shareholder of a limited company your name and address and association with the company is available to any person or organisation that carries out a company search so in this situation nominees would often be the only route to take.
Nominees and Managers for Existing Companies: ORCA can also provide nominees and managers for existing companies. Contact our office to discuss the various solutions we can provide.
Please note: We can provide a wide range of solutions relating to nominee shareholders in addition to directors etc. To arrange a nominee shareholder please click HERE
See also Management and Control

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