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Offshore Company Formations

Deciding in jurisdiction to form your offshore structure is never going to be an easy decision. Confronted with a maze of conflicting information from various sources it can be both exhausting and daunting trying to digest all the facts and figures to try and work out which solution will fit your needs the best. In reality there are usually several ways to achieve a positive outcome, but getting the whole structure correct from the outset will save endless stress later on. The first step lies in picking the right firm to deal with and determining what the main objectives are that you wish to achieve. Of course there are a large number of reasons why an offshore structure can yield significant benefits but below are the ones which we encounter most frequently on a day to day basis.

Reasons for taking your business offshore
  • Flexibility;
  • To hold title to assets;
  • To avoid inheritance taxes;
  • All round privacy protection;
  • Protection against litigation;
  • Confidentiality of profit and loss accounts;
  • To enable expansion into overseas markets;
  • To hold intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks;
  • To provide licensing, invoicing and support services to an onshore company;
  • Freedom from administrative duties, e.g. book-keeping and the filing of returns;
  • To avoid restrictions in a country that has turned into a Bureaucratic Nightmare;
  • To create the impression a company is much larger and more internationally orientated than it actually is;
  • Tax savings: Do you ever wonder how the rich often avoid or delay paying taxes in their home country?
  • Reduction in hassle and interference: Are you tired of your government constantly dictating what, where and how you can run your business by constantly introducing new rules and regulations?
  • To open a second front for an existing domestic business. This single step increases flexibility, at the same time it opens up numerous opportunities to maximize profits through the creation of a company with a totally different and separate personality;

Usually our clients find that once they determine the basic objectives and outline what they wish to achieve we can move toward implementation and determine the best route to take to form the company and set up the banking and any other facilities you may need. We offer a wide range of ancillary services such as arranging communications facilities, virtual office and e-commerce solutions such as websites, domain registrations and credit card processing. We understand that no two cases are the same and where ORCA specializes is in determining the right ingredients and then combining them into a workable solution at a competitive price.

Once the structure is complete and operational we provide all the subsequent support required for the smooth operation and maintenance of the company and its various facilities. These support services generally include the provision of the Registered Address, Registered Agent, mail forwarding, communications facilities, Internet domains and hosting as well as secure email services, nominees and any other facilities that are crucial for the day to day running of your offshore structure.

Unfortunately, many so called experts who set up offshore companies will sell you numerous facilities you do not really need, others will send you a list of what’s available and let you choose for yourself, without bothering to help you determine if you are making the right choices. Of course, only you can make the final decision as to how you structure your offshore entity although actual needs can generally be determined based on a combination of commonsense, your personal requirements and a basic business plan setting out your key objectives. Our intention is always to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting for your money and to clearly explain the various alternatives which are available. With ORCA it will be clear from the outset exactly what is being done and the total cost because we have a policy in place to avoid our clients encountering unexpected hidden charges along the way.

One piece of advice that is a good rule to keep in mind is that when forming an offshore corporate structure always stand back and consider how the basic setup will look to your clients. The primary consideration is that certain jurisdictions appear to suggest specific things. If you mention the Channel Islands in the UK, people think of tax avoidance, which is not always the case. If you mention a Colombian company people might think of illicit substances, if you say you are incorporated in Liechtenstein, it suggests substantial assets. Whilst the first two are more often than not wrong, the third is usually a correct assumption, this is because a Liechtenstein company or foundation is very costly to operate both in respect of the initial formation itself and the ongoing annual costs and disbursements.The key point is that where you set up your arrangements is important when it comes to creating a favorable image in the eyes of your clients. After all it’s pointless to save 35% in tax, only for the location of the business to frighten off 40% of the potential clients! Our speciality lies in looking at the options and helping you to put together the right package which will both maximize your profits and create a favorable impression to those with whom the structure comes into contact.

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