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Oklahoma like Delaware does not require vast amounts of information when it comes to corporate formations. As a state Oklahoma is a very business friendly and we tend to find that many of the benefits that apply in other states we tend to recommend such as Delaware and New Mexico also apply in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma code applying to LLC’s states that you must have a business name with an LLC ending, an organizer (Which doesn't have to be you), Oklahoma Registered Agent, a principal office and the duration of the LLC. That's it!

Important Points to consider

For most clients the primary benefit of an LLC is the "pass-through" taxation. This means the LLC remains 100% tax free on business transactions and benefits when they are derived outside the United States and the members are non-resident foreigners.

To form a Oklahoma LLC, the only details required for the Articles of Organization are:

(1) the name of the company and the address of its principal office.

(2) the name and address of the registered agent (which must be a street address in Oklahoma), and

(3) the duration of the LLC (often 100 years)

A Oklahoma LLC does not need to include the names of members. The mailing address of the principal office can be anywhere worldwide. Another advantage is that unlike all other states, a Oklahoma LLC does not require an annual report. This means than any changes regarding its membership take place in total privacy.

When you form a Oklahoma LLC with ORCA the fee includes the charter and the Articles of Organization, we can also include an address at our office in Zurich, Switzerland if you wish to act as your "principal place of business." This means that records cannot be subpoened by a US court and obtaining information about the company is virtually impossible! Add in a nominee manager and it adds a further layer of security.

Clients sometime ask "If my name isn't on the articles, how do I know it's my company?” The answer to this is that when we form your Oklahoma LLC, we custom draft the Oklahoma LLC articles of organization. We then include the initial resolutions showing a chain of signing authority to you, the members or managers. We also include a Oklahoma LLC operating agreement where you document all members and managers, as well as the contributions and membership interest percentages of each member so the true ownership position is very clear should you need to prove the details.

The advantage of Oklahoma over Delaware lies in the greatly reduced annual fees. Where in Delaware the fees each year are $650 the annual cost for both the agent in Oklahoma and the manager in Zurich is only $300 combined which is very cheap for a rock solid privacy structure. The other factor to consider is that lots of people (including the taxman!) are only too aware of the tax benefits of a Delaware LLC. The big plus with a Oklahoma LLC is that it is very low profile and will not attract unwanted attention because not many people outside the US are aware of it.

Incorporation Fee including delivery by Fedex or UPS: $595 (£379 / €475) Including the Apostille and operating agreement which are required when opening a bank account.

If you require an Internet domain registration to accompany the formation click here

The above fees include the following services until the anniversary of the formation.


To set up an LLC could not be easier to see the details required click the link Fill out our form!

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