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Although we all tend to speak much less on the phone since the advent of email, SMS, IM and chat panels phone lines are clearly still crucial for immediate contact. Of course everyone expects you to have a phone number although some customer support departments seem to think they can dispence with them! Regardless it is wise to ensure clients can contact you by all possible routes, especially if income depends on it. ORCA can provide phone lines anywhere in the world and in 90% of cases the lines can be live and running within 24 hours. We have contacts in phone companies such as AT&T, Telstra, Telefonica, and BT and can secure very competitively priced deals even when the lines are routed to locations on the other side of the world. Regardless of where you choose to connect a line it can be routed to any fixed line or cellphone wherever you choose. Let's assume for example your business is in Dallas, Texas or Southampton, England although you come be a long way away in say Chile, Australia or Spain, clearly the need here is a local line on the appropriate exchange which also gives the correct sounding ringing tone and seamlessly routes the caller to your actual number. This often sounds complicated but in reality is so easy to configure many people can’t believe it. The cost for a number in Texas for example routing to Santiago in Chile is only $395 per annum and this even includes 120 minutes of calls per month so for just $16.25 per month you can appear to be still in Texas! Now let’s assume you are a British Expatatriate living in Spain but want to create the appearance to your clients that you are still based in Southampton, England, the cost for this line is even lower at just £175 per annum again including an hour of calls each month with extra minutes at 6.7p each. Considering a local British Telecom call from London to Birmingham costs 7.5p per minute with the call setup charge on top this is amazing value. If you are more comfortable with technology using VoIP makes it even cheaper because you get 175 minutes of call time per month with additional minutes at just 2p each in both the US and the UK regardless of where your number is located or terminates. At the time of writing (Summer 2012) some countries offer the facility to connect directly to some VoIP services meaning that all you pay is the line rental. Where ORCA plays a vital role is that we can normally figure out the best way to get your calls to you at the minimum ongoing cost.


Applications and Benefits of Traditional Landlines with Call Diversion / Forwarding



There are no drawbacks to this option other than that past a certain limit once the inclusive minutes – available in many locations - are used up you pay for calls but even then the cost is minimal and only a few cents or pence per minute.

Toll Free/Free Phone Numbers

In many countries a toll free phone number is an ideal option. It is also non geographic so it could in effect be anywhere in the country. As far as cost it is a little dearer to operate than a local number but response is often increased significantly too. Some countries actually expect you to have a toll free number. Among the locations where Toll Free is used by almost all businesses are both Canada and the US.

National Rate and Local Rate Numbers

These numbers exist in several countries among them Germany, Holland, Australia, Spain, France and the UK. The UK utilises Flat Rate Numbers more than anywhere else and the possibilities are enormous. The UK codes are 0844, 0845, 0871 etc. These numbers can also be registered in the UK offshore centres such as Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The big plus that these numbers offer is that you can receive your phone calls on any phone within the UK or in over 50 other countries worldwide at zero cost to you. This means no divert fees or bills no matter how much the number is used and the only cost for example in England or Jersey is the initial setup fee of £50 (EUR60 /$79) . The potential is enormous if you run a business in for example the US or Canada because your callers from England can call you at local rate (5p/7.5c a minute) and you can receive the calls free of any costs to you so everyone benefits.



None other than you need to be careful to select the right number code for your needs. For example in Germany 01805 is only reachable from inside the country. If you contact us we can determine what will work best.

Roaming Cellular Phones

A foreign cellular phone is the simplest way to create the illusion of being in two places at once. Let's assume you are based in Singapore but wish to appear to be living or working in Italy or the UK then the solution is easy because for a small outlay we can supply a cellular phone card with free incoming calls and no roaming fees. This cuts out the biggest headache of cellular phones and means you can talk all day on a foreign network and pay nothing. Outgoing calls are cheap too and the cards work in 80+ countries. This is a great solution because you can be up and running in 48 hours and it is incredibly easy to use. Once the card arrives put it in your phone and you are all set to tell the ex wife or anyone else for that matter that you are now living permanently abroad. The best thing is that if they don't believe you they can pick up a phone and dial your foreign telephone number. Of course, most clients buy foreign mobiles or SIM cards as a route for direct contact, in this case mobile fax and data lines can sometimes be provided if required. SIM cards from a variety of locations are generally available but for free roaming it is limited to 12 choices at the time of writing. Among those choices are Jersey, Isle of Man, Monaco, Iceland, Estonia, the UK and a few others. At the time of writing we are testing what is called a Multi IMSI which means you can also add multiple mobile numbers to your existing sim card. Currently it comes with a UK and US mobile number but we have tested it in Germany, Switzerland, the Bahamas, Gibraltar and Spain and it seems to work really well . More local country numbers coming shortly but this looks like a significant development for people who need multiple numbers on their cellphone.


Very convincing that you are in the country where the number originates. Portable, you can travel from country to country and, subject to signal coverage, it works anywhere.

Door to door delivery – buy your card for only $160 / £99 / €120 including initial credit and delivery.


None, it is a cheap hassle free answer to the roaming nightmare!

We can also arrange local SIM cards from most countries but currently a great buy is a Channel Islands or Estonian card. We can deliver the card worldwide with some credit already on the card to get you started. The card can be topped up on the web or from the phone and has free international roaming in 80 countries. Cost is $160 / £99 / €120 including initial credit and delivery.

UK / Ireland020 7175 0041
(International +44 20 7175 0041)
US / Canada1 954 866 5986
(INTERNATIONAL +1 954 866 5986)
Australia and New Zealand+61 2 9191 7472
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