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Portuguese Company Formation

ORCA specialize in the formation of Portuguese companies which can have specific benefits not just for trading in Portugal but also in the wider EU. There are two main types of company in Portugal as outlined below:


ORCA have access to a wide range of company specialists in Portugal who can advise in the event you need clarification as to which is the ideal type of structure for your needs.

These are the main features of a Public Company (S.A)


These are the main features of a Private Limited Company (Lda)


We are often asked how complicated it is to form a Portuguese company although in the past it was very complex it is now much less complex than it used to be the company formation and registration procedures have been greatly streamlined in the last few years. Despite this, professional advice remains absolutely vital and we always work with Portuguese associates to ensure everything is done correctly.

Tax rates in Portugal are quite high and the Corporation Tax rates are currently 25% plus 2.5% local tax, although this is less than the past because before 2005 the rate was 30% plus 3% local tax. Portugal can however, offer the Madeira Free Trade Zone which has a much lower rate of Corporation Tax, between 5% and 12.5% (5% from 2013 till 2020).

As far as banking is concerned most of the major international banks are established in Portugal and offer complete range of banking facilities.

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