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Scottish LP with Bank Account

Company formation in Scotland

A Scotland LP is a privately owned Limited Partnership which consists of 2 or more Partners/Members which can be natural persons or corporate bodies from any jurisdiction worldwide. At least one of the Partners of the LP must be nominated as the Managing Partner. 

Scotland LP Key features
  •     Minimum of two partners (our package includes 2 nominee/offshore corporate nominees)
  •     Company House will hold on public records only the names of the Members which in the case of this package are nominees.
  •     Registered office in Scotland
  •     No obligation to file annual accounts with HMRC (Tax office)

Popular Scottish LP uses

The "Non-Resident SLP” in which Members are companies from tax efficient jurisdictions are commonly used for:
  •     Investment or holding stocks, shares or investing in real estate
  •     holding shares in other onshore companies or IBC's
  •     international business and trading applications
  •     consultancy, IP and service companies

Scottish LP Taxation

A SLP with its Members outside the UK and no business activities in the UK is not regarded as UK-taxable unless it chooses to be so.
The tax benefit lies in the fact that the income of the SLP is treated as being the income of its Members/Partners, and is therefore deemed taxable in the Member’s country of residence (in the case of corporate Members this would be in its own jurisdiction which may or may not be a tax haven), with the liability being based on the percentage to which the Member benefits from the income. Of course if the Member lives in a tax free location (of which there are many and some are even in the EU) or is not a tax payer this means zero personal taxation is possible.

The package comes with a multi currency bank account with a reputable EU bank giving access to IBAN transfers etc plus all of the items below.

a) Fresh Scottish LP with registered office;
b) All documents with apostile;
c) Bank account included;
d) Creation only with passport scan and utility bill; 

Setup cost is £995.00 and everything will be ready usually (including the banking) in under 14 days subject to the banks due diligence conditions being met.

Annual Fees are £495 which includes the services of the Registered office, Registered agent and the filing of statutory documents.

UK / Ireland020 7175 0041
(International +44 20 7175 0041)
US / Canada1 954 866 5986
(INTERNATIONAL +1 954 866 5986)
Australia and New Zealand+61 2 9191 7472
(INTERNATIONAL +61 2 9191 7472)
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