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Spanish Company Formation

The most popular form of spanish company is the SL, the SL or in full Sociedad Limitada is much the same as most other Ltd companies which are formed in other european countries . The formation generally takes around 14 days from start to finish. The company will require a registered office in Spain and this will be arranged by us at the time of the incorporation.


To begin the process of forming your spanish SL we will require the following information:

Documents Required

Our Formation Service Includes

Important Points and Compliance

Incorporating a Sociedad Limitada (SL)

The actual formation process of a company is as follow:

Company Name

We apply for the company name certificate from the Mercantile Register, confirming that your company name is acceptable and has not already been registered. This certificate forthe  company name clearance is important because it is given to the notary, and a copy is also given to your bankers and the HACIENDA who are the Spanish tax authorities.

Share Capital

The share capital is €3000 and the shares can be issued for cash or through a donation of assets.

There is no public register of shareholders of a Spanish company but the initial shareholders are stated in the deed of incorporation, any subsequent changes of shareholders are made by a notarial deed, which is not required to filed at the Mercantile Register.

The shares of a Spanish limited company can be transferred at any time and are transferred by signing an agreement in the presence of a Notary.

Registered Office

All Spanish SL's must have a registered office. We can arrange a Spanish registered office for your corporation in a number of locations or if you have an address in Spain you might wish to use that.

VAT, MwSt, BTW (IVA) Number

All Spanish companies have a VAT number (known as MwSt or BTW in German and Dutch) which is referred to as IVA in Spanish. This number is required when the company is incorporated in order that your company can trade right away because there is no VAT registration threshold in Spain as in some other EU states . 

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Cost of Formation: $2750 / £1750 / €1995 

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