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If you need 100% rock solid privacy along with fast setup, low initial costs and Zero maintenance fees a self managed trust is potentially ideal, the minimal formation requirements make this a very simple structure to set up and it normally takes just 48 hours from start to finish. These structures which are also known as self directed trusts are the perfect solution for holding title to internet domains, intellectual property such as patents and trademarks as well as controlling an interest in companies or owning assets such as boats or cars. Many clients also use self managed trusts to offer consultancy services and enter into contracts because the identity of the parties to the trust is impossible to determine without someone has sight of the actual Trust deed.

Keep in mind that when the trust is combined with an offshore company it becomes a very powerful all encompassing asset protection vehicle because the Trust can hold shares in the company in some jurisdictions. The benefit of this is that if you set up a Trust to hold the shares of your IBC this has the effect of shifting the legal ownership of your IBC to a third party namely the Trustee and in the case of a Self Managed Trust the Trustee will be you or someone close to you.

This really is the ideal solution to a large percentage of clients’ requirements because it enables you to operate with total freedom from unwelcome interference anywhere, anytime, worldwide. Unlike most offshore trading structures which are complex and time consuming to create, this Self Managed Trust avoids almost all of the usual arduous requirements which oblige you to provide numerous items such as utility bills, banker’s references, accountant’s references, business plans, bank statements and all the other documents which make the process of getting things up and running a major source of stress and hassle.

With this package there are no ID requirements which means the Trust is totally 100% anonymous and your name will be unknown to anyone other than yourself and anyone to whom you make the existence of the Trust known. If you do not wish anyone to even know that the Trust exists, you can instruct us to form an offshore company which will act as the Trust’s agent giving a further layer of anonymity and giving the trust a means to deal with clients without revealing its existence. The cost of a suitable company starts from US$650.00 if you opt for an American LLC.

Without doubt, the most important advantages of this type of offshore package is the high levels of privacy combined with both the ease of use and the wide range of privacy benefits which it provides. These benefits are outlined in detail below.

The first question people often ask us is what is the catch? How can something be this secure at such a low price and not require all the expensive extras such as nominees, trustees etc? The truth is that there is no catch as you will see it is purely a case of this being a very straightforward structure to operate which does not require the ongoing services of registered agents and trustees, this cuts annual fees to Zero. The Law Firm that creates your trust, does this on a daily basis and working together with them we put together something which meets all the criteria that our most privacy conscious clients require. Most trust companies earn their fees by managing your money and requiring YOU give up total control of all your assets, with THIS trust YOU and only you maintain sole signatory control over your trust AND assets at all times!

All that's required to get started is for you to provide a name for your trust, a street address (with a telephone contact number for courier use only) for delivery.

Other than that you simply need to name three parties to the trust as below:

Once you order you trust we will contact you to gather the details of the settlor, trustee(s) beneficiary(ies) and the name by which you wish to call the trust. If you order your trust in PDF format and store it electronically or have it bound yourself it will arrive within 48 hours by email if you require it to be bound by our lawyers your trust will arrive within 5-10 working days.

ORCA have been in business for almost 40 years so our experience combined with access to the best lawyers ensure that this Trust will do everything you could possibly need from an offshore trust. ORCA has extensive knowledge of trusts and the environment in which they are sold. The only reason you might think that the price tag for such an agreement is unusually low is if you are unaware that many professionals who provide trusts link costs to the opportunity of the moment, and not to the basic item which is in fact a simple agreement that, once activated, generates a sequence of events that are designed to give you robust levels of immunity from the many parties who would like to separate you from your assets.

In the widely publicized 1996 case of O.J. Simpson, although a losing defendant in a lawsuit, still got to keep $25,000 a month in spending money. Despite the fact that he lost all assets held in his own name, this was because he was able to keep all income from money he had placed in trust years before the lawsuits were filed. Actually creating a trust is simplicity itself. Our lawyers ask us the type of trust deed required which is this case is a self managed offshore trust. The document is then drafted and bound.

What is a Trust?

A trust involves at least one person and at least some property or assets although this can be as little as $2. Due to the proliferation of lawsuits, government confiscation's, and new laws enacted to "protect us" from ourselves, many people, have set up Trusts. By having title to assets like stock or real property held by foreign corporations or trustees, these assets can be hidden and protected from creditors. At the same time ownership benefits (like income) can still been enjoyed as before.


In some countries citizens are forbidden by law from investing their money in at least 99% of the opportunities of the world. The solution to this problem is comparatively simple which is solved by establishing an offshore trust to hold these forbidden investments. This enables you to achieve considerably better results than you could with the very limited, legally approved deals locally available. To put it bluntly, with a Self Managed Offshore Trust you have the right to choose which investments you deem appropriate.

Low Profile

If you are in dispute with a government Agency, it is very easy for a low grade bureaucrat to press a button on his PC. He enters your ID Card number, social security number, NIF number or whatever your country use as a common identifier and in many cases is able to quickly identify your bank accounts, investments, and property holdings. Another few buttons are pressed ... just like that your property is "frozen," and your bank and brokerage accounts are transferred to the government. With your assets held in a Self Managed Offshore Trust, it is not possible for a creditor to locate them with any accuracy. In fact it is virtually impossible to confiscate trust assets. The reason for this is that lawyers, bureaucrats and plaintiffs don't like difficult investigations and long, drawn out and protracted court proceedings. Especially if lawsuits must be filed and pursued abroad which massively escalates the costs. As a result, in most foreign jurisdictions (unless the local governments are collaborating which is fortunately quite rare), not even Big Brother can get at your assets. Generally cooperation in seizing assets only comes into play when the issue is involved with serious crime, such as drug dealers, child porno rings, or serious fraud.

Discouraging Speculative Litigators and Lawyers

It is well known that ambulance-chasing lawyers are constantly sniffing out potential defendants by identifying high net worth individuals. By keeping some of your assets in a Self Managed Offshore Trust you can lower your visible level of wealth. This makes you a far less attractive target. Before a contingent fee lawyer will file suit, he always ask a private investigator to prepare a full report on his target's assets. Since funds and properties held in an self managed offshore trust are invisible the litigation can usually be avoided or favorably settled. The reality of the situation is the less well off you seem the less interesting you become.

Why not to use Trustees?

What recourse do you have if a trustee doesn't do his job right? The most important asset of any money manager or trust administrator is his reputation. This is why it is important to deal with an established firm that has a good reputation, in depth management, client references, real offices, real employees, and good communications with customers. Even so the drawback is the cost because like all accountants the fees can be high. When you order a Self Managed Offshore Trust you and ONLY YOU maintain sole signatory control over your assets. This cuts out the Trustee payments and saves a fortune in fees. With your own self managed offshore trust you and only you maintain control over the assets. The trust is a bearer trust so there are NO records of who owns the trust ANYWHERE at any government registrar office. Your trust is offshore, your assets are offshore and you control everything as it should be.

The vital details

To give you more insight into the nuts and bolts of the Self Managed Offshore Trust, we provide answers to the most common questions relating to the day to day operation of a Self Managed Trust

Q: Do I have to give up control over my assets with a Self Managed Offshore Trust?
A: NO you do not give up control. A Self Managed Offshore Trust which you can call "The Your name Trust" is run by you. You call the shots. The only legal title is in the name of "Your name Trust." There is a foreign lawyer who drafts the deed but he does even know who you are or where your assets are! What he doesn’t know he can’t tell!

Q: Do you form Trust other than Self Managed Trusts?
A: Yes we form them in a variety of locations including Jersey, the Isle of Man, BVI, Bahamas, Gibraltar, USA, New Zealand and around 20 other Jurisdictions. One of the most populat is St Vincent and the Grenadines

Q: Are the assets physically in the country where the trust is established?
A: Normally not. You can have a Swiss or New Zealand trustee with a Trust in Nevis or St Vincent.

Q: If there are political problems (i.e. wars, revolutions) in the country of the trust, does this affect me?
A: Not at all. The Swiss moved all their gold holdings and bearer securities to New York City when there was a Nazi invasion threat. The law firm we use are based in a secure tax haven. At the first sign of problems, all functions of the firm could be easily transferred to existing facilities in a three other countries which are also offshore finance centers. The customer would never be affected by such changes as e-mail facilities and telephone lines would be electronically re-routed.

Q: Can I invest in any stocks, property or other assets that I choose?
A: Yes, but it is best for you to start with a relatively small discretionary account owned by your Self Managed Offshore Trust to get a feel for day to day operation.

Q: Is everything legal?
A: Yes. The lawyers who set up and keep your trust are in compliance with all laws of all the jurisdictions where it is created.

Q: Do I have to use your people for any or all of the services you offer.
A: No because all we do is create the trust. You have the right to choose what services, if any, you use in connection with your Self Managed Offshore Trust. We offer a wide range of virtual office services, invoicing facilities, phone lines, mailing addresses and hosting. These services might be useful to make things run more smoothly but they are all options which you just order if needed.

Q: What other services might be worth adding to the Trust?
A: There are a number of services or clients tend to add but whether they are needed with very much depend on your circumstances and specific needs. The main services we tend to provide for self managed (self directed) trusts are a mailing address service because this provides the trust with a point of contact. The most popular location for the mailbox service is Switzerland followed by Canada, Spain and New Zealand. All three are US$450 / €350 / £295 for 12 months including forwarding or scanning up to 5 letters a month. Next to the mailbox facility a voicemail number is the next most popular item at $125 / £85 / €95 for 12 months with messages delivered as email atachements.

The other services some clients need are a nominee manager to speak to anyone when needed on behalf of the Trust and the services of a nominee manager are US$229 / €175 / £150. The fee covers 3 hours of work by the nominee plus his address, email and phone number as an additional contact point for the trust.

Other than the above the only other services client frequently request are invoicing, bookkeeping or secure email facilities.

Q: What are my reporting requirements in my home country with regard to a Self Managed Offshore Trust?
A: In some countries certain forms should to be filled out and filed. It is your sole responsibility to file them if you choose to do so and it goes without saying that many clients probably do not. The firm that creates your trust, unless requested by you to do so by you in writing, reports nothing about you to anyone. They do not even know who or where you are!

Q: How much money do I need to get started?
A: Nothing other than the payment for the formation.

Q: I think this structure is ideal for my needs. How do I order the Trust?
A: You simply go to this page SELF MANAGED TRUST and complete the details and payment. Once we have the details you will receive a draft of the deed within 48 hours for approval.

The total cost to form a self managed offshore trust delivered as a PDF file by email is only US$350.00 / £250.00 / €295.00*

*If you prefer a hardback bound deed prepared by our lawyer the cost is $595.00 / £445.00 / €499.00 this fee includes delivery by FedEx or UPS anywhere worldwide.

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